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With the cooling technology, it produces water up to 4°C.
The cold water uses sealed cooling module. Therefore, it does not require any maintenance.


When hot water boosting is activated, water from 85°C increases to 95°C in 1 minute
Coffee and tea taste way better with hot water boosting temperature.




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AQUAZON™ WHP-760 NanoDirect + Hot and Cold Water Purifier

It is a more hygienic direct type cold and hot water purifier equipped with nano fact filter, which can use cool cold water through direct cooling system and hotter hot water through hot water boosting function at the same time.

Perfect Hygiene System

Aquazon™’s unique technology to design even invisible clean water hygiene system!

Advanced 3-stage filtration System

We produce genuine Aquazon™ filters directly to purify fine heavy metals and bacteria, and make healthy fresh water with minerals. We offer 2 settings which provide both purified water and alkaline water.


Setting A – Purified Water



Setting B – Alkaline Water


Enhanced Safety Device

The button lock function prevents problems caused by immature use such as children.




Eco Power Saving Function Using Light Sensor

Auto Economical Saving Function Reduces up to 30% of normal consumption. By detecting the brightness around the product and darkening at night, you can automatically stop the cold / hot water function and adjust the display brightness to save electricity.

Convenience Function

Aquazon™ will raise your living index with more convenient features that are user-friendly .
Evolution of technology that changes lives!



Sensual Design

Catch your eyes with this elegant design!




Standard of use: 20L / day for family of 4

Brand: Aquazon™
Model: WHP-760
Power: AC 120V / 60Hz
Motor power consumption: 100W (0.6 A)
Heater power consumption: 800W
Hot water capacity: Approx.1.0L
Cold water capacity: Approx.1.1L
Cold water temperature: 4°C ~ 12°C
Hot water temperature: 70°C ~ 95°C

Allowable water pressure: 127 ~ 294kPa
Allowable water temperature: 5 ~ 35°C
Usable Feed Water: Tap Water

Appearance and specifications may be changed to improve product performance. The filter replacement cycle may vary depending on the water usage.

Additional information

Weight 14.8 kg
Dimensions 9.45 × 19.21 × 14.57 cm

Black, White

Water Type

Alkaline Water, Filtered Water

Payment Term

School Year-10Mo, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually


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